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What We Do

DCS is based out of Edmonton & Calgary, with service extending across Canada.

We bring extensive overhead crane experience, welding experience, and electrical experience to the industry. Our focus is keeping our customers in compliance with OHS and CSA regulations while minimizing downtime and any impact on operations.


Inspections & Maintenance

All of our inspections are in accordance with CSA B167. We operate efficiently to minimize downtime to same day repairs.


We work closely with specialized engineering firms to keep older equipment up to date, monitor all changes, and certify upgrades.



Improve performance and reduce maintenance costs with upgrades to your equipment performed by a skilled technician.

Preventative Maintenance

We customize preventative maintenance programs based on your requirements

Load Testing

We work to keep your equipment calibrated & certified 

Welding & Repairs

We will ensure your cranes are repaired skillfully and efficiently

Electrical Upgrades

Modernize, improve performance & reduce operating costs

Control System Mods

Enhance the usability & safety of your cranes to facilitate your operations


Our welding certification gives us the expertise to build customized cranes